How We Grow It

How We Grow It

Our season starts with seeds and soil—I choose carefully after talking with the other kitchen staff about last years successes and I experiment a little each year, too. I’m still looking for a fennel that will make big fat bulbs and an eggplant that will keep it’s skin color when cooked.

The energy I get from planting and watching the fields grow just turns into inspiration in the kitchen and certainly informs what we are able to create for our guests.

We farm with traditional organic methods, knowing that deep healthy soil is the key to great produce , we use natural amendments, hours of hand cultivation and low-tech pest management. We make mountains (well, foot hills really) of compost to till into the garden.

This appreciation for nature is the heart of what we do here and is what will forever peg me as a gardener.

When you visit ,we hope the indescribably deep colors of ripeness, the scent of herbs, the promise of the rich soil will draw you to the garden.

"When going back makes sense, you are going ahead." - wendell berry