Farm - Just Right Farm

The Farm

My husband Mark, and I were simply captivated by Just Right Farm and the possibilities it held from the moment we saw it. The rural-ness here reminded me of my childhood in Appalachia and the woodlands inspired Mark’s mindfulness practice.

The elegant comfort of this 300 year old farmstead, with its long shady drive, huge ash trees and the old red house, inspired stewardship… demanding attention from our hearts.

There’s a sweet, palpable, human-like energy here… so much so that we named the house, “Alice”. I swear she joins in and frequently guides our decisions. I often tell our guests, “ That spirit you feel is the same welcoming energy that made us want to live our lives here.”

“Alice” was built over 300 years ago and our screen house is only a few years old. We planted a new peach orchard in the field, the generations-old ash trees out front are now large enough to give one pause, there is a barn on its last legs and a new woodworking shop where I build much of the furniture and finishings for Just Right Farm.

On a farmstead of this age, everything seems to ebb and flow.

This is the place to enjoy a summers evening, eat from the garden and know
that this is truly…just right.